Thursday, September 15, 2011

[AM:] Nerds....& BOOBS

Why hello there dear blog reader.

This is Alex, the other half of SC&N signing in for my first solo blog post. Clearly, as already demonstrated, I am not as literary as Miss Aly, but what I lack in narrative flow I make up for with humor and boobs.

Yes that’s right boobs. And not just any boobs my friend, oh no, but the ever coveted Nerdy Boobs. As mentioned in my bio I’m a burlesque dancer (Stella Cheeks) with a company here in Chicago known as Geek Girl Burlesque. Started a year ago by Ms. Pixy & Gorilla Tango Theatre our little company as exploded with geek themed burlesque shows. Our repertoire includes Boobs & Goombas: A Mario Burlesque, Fellowship of the Boobs: A D&D, LOTR, WOW Burlesque, A Nude Hope: A Star Wars Burlesque, the newly premiered Boobs of Khan: A Star Trek Burlesque. And keep an eye out for Indiana Jones & The Temple of Boobs directed by yours truly coming this fall.

Now this may read as a shill to entice you into buying tickets (and it sort of is..., but it is more about this amazing phenomenon happening all over the world: Nerds are becoming sexy. Of course some of you will scoff, “Nerds have always been sexy.” And while many of us have known this to be true it was not really a well known or accepted fact until recently. And I LOVE it.

I know many people, myself included, have been known to clamor and complain about our beloved geekdom being co-opted and often distorted by the mainstream and it’s hard not to snap the thick framed glasses off of the hipster wearing an “I heart Nerds” shirt ironically walking down the street, but for all the bros who attend the Iron Man midnight showing we the nerds are benefiting more and more.

As a girl who always teetered on the brink of popularity and geekiness it was always a battle trying to balance the two and I was often left denying my true self while trying to fit in. But now I wear my Doctor Who shirts with pride and show my Star Trek tattoo off every chance I get.

This is why I love our Geek Girl Burlesque. Not only are we attracting nerds who grew up watching Star Wars and playing D&D, but we are mixing them in with girls who just love burlesque and people who may have seen Star Wars only once, but “Hey, it could be fun.” We make sure to put in jokes about gelatinous cubes and power converters only the die hard fans will enjoy and the iconic buns (no pun intended) and red shirt deaths every person will be familiar with. Not to mention the ladies. The wonderfully funny, powerful and sexy ladies!

The wonderful thing about burlesque is it is a body positive, queer accepting, gender fuck loving, artful world in which creativity and humor are praised more than six packs and the perfect tan. We have real women, big & small, white and black, Pagan and Christian, and everything in between gracing our stage. Some are die hard nerds, some just like to get naked and some (ah hem) like showing off their Star Trek tattoo while wearing Starfleet emblems on her nipples.

So that’s my tangent. Nerds are sexy, I love boobs, Nerdy boobs are the best, I like acceptance and you should come see my show ;)

Resistance is futile.

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