Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tesla*Con (Post One: Thursday)'s late :/

HI all!!!

Alex here! So as you probably know from our tweets we're at Tesla Con 2 this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin. Our posts are coming a bit late because SO much has happened in the last two days alone that we just needed a bit of time to process. Today we'll put up a video blog detailing what our first official day at the Con was like but while Aly gets ready I thought I would write a little pre con blog.

So after Aly and I arrived at the hotel in our Steambug! we settled into the hotel and decided we wanted to go out for drinks and sushi. Because, well, we're very posh like that. And as we are staying in a hotel further away from the Con (SO MUCH CHEAPER!) we didnt have any new friends to revel with. We got dressed up in our Pin-Up best, naturally, and headed to over to a cocktail bar downtown named Opus. Side note: On the way we passed a bar named Woofs which we will forever make fun of in a Midwestern dialect "Hey, Imma, Imma going over to Woofs. Ok?"  We settled at a table surrounded by pictures of old movie starlets and were promptly waited  upon my a handsome gentlemen in a bowtie. Sitting in the chichi bar surrounded by what could only be politicians and their mistresses (the bar is across the street from the capital) we had cheap sushi, chocolate fondue (which I spilled on my dress. That's why I wear black gentlemen!) and for me far two much champagne. Champagne is my natural nemesis; so welcoming and bubbly, so deceptively strong.

Tipsily we made our way back home. Popped on our vintage bathing suits (naturally) and sat in the hot tub giddily laughing until we were too tired to spa (as if). Back at the hotel I promptly passed out (instead of writing this blog) and Miss Aly finished her novel for NaNoWriMo!!! yay!!

It was a good, relaxing pre con day. And thank goodness for that cuz Friday was nuts!

Goodies: Here are our "passport" photos for the Con. It's an immersion con so we built characters. Here I am as Estella & Aly as Alice. We'll post some character blogs in the future!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[AG & AM] Eleven Eleven Eleven: The Lady Nerds Hail the 11th Doctor!

[AG:] So, you’ve got your fez, jacket and bow tie ready to go for Friday? We do.

Yes, friends, this upcoming Veteran’s Day also coincides with a once-in-a-century numerical coincidence: the eleventh day of the eleventh month, on the eleventh year of this century. That’s a lotta ones! (Insert binary joke here.) But seriously, the internets are a-buzzin’ with fans of everyone’s favorite Time Lord prepping their cosplayin’ best for Friday in anticipation of what bloggers are calling Eleventh Doctor Day.

[AM:] Normally we don’t participate in silly internet life-memes* like “Change your Facebook status to what color your bra is in honor of (insert cause here)” or “Repost if you support (insert cause here)” or “Wear blue to (insert cause here)” because let’s face it they don’t really accomplish anything and are mostly annoying. We’re not saying support (insert cause here) is a bad thing, but mostly they are silly and ineffectual. (Though we both count May the 4th as a national holiday). That being said in light of recent news regarding the potential eminent departure of our beloved Eleventh Doctor we have come to view this day as a way to honor, remember and have fun.

[AG:] Join in by paying tribute to Matt Smith as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor by wearing a fez, a bow tie, a tweed jacket, suspenders, or any combination of said items to work, to go out to the bar, or wherever you may be on Friday the 11th.

Tweet or email us pics of your Eleventh Doctor Day encounters and we’ll post them on the blog!

[AM:] P.S. For those of you who would like to point out that it is also Veteran’s Day and what we are doing is unpatriotic, etc., etc., there is no reason why we can’t support the Veterans and love our Doctor. My dad’s a Vet so lay off.

P.P.S. Binary jokes are always funny.

*We just made this word up.