Sunday, January 1, 2012

[AG & AM:] Happy Nerd Year!!!

Hello Nerdlings & Happy New Year. We decided to be a bit lazy and do a short video blog (in our, well AM's pajamas nonetheless). So here it is!

...well. Sorry. Let's do that again.

...there we go.

Please go ahead and check out our awesome host Elliott and amazing musician Jess! Also bravo to Challengers Comics for hosting the shindig. They had a great space and awesome stuff, so check them out if you're in Chicago.

A very happy New Year to you all! Cheers!

~AG & AM

P.S. THIS is what followed the construction of this post: 


  1. I love both of you. Also, Crash Bandicoot is bomb. I couldn't agree with you more, Alex. <3 MISSYOU!

  2. Happy (if belated) New Years to the both of you as well! Some fine resolutions, both pratical and nerdy. $300 on comics Alex? Hate to admit it, but that's my "taget number" to stay under every month. !!! And Aly, more Marvel for sure! Happy to provide suggestions if you still need/want. Get me on Twitter. Also what's this about some time travelling burlesque? That would probably be too tempting for me to resist the trip to Shytown!

  3. Hey, on a side note for your site here, I don't mind logging in thru Google to post, but once I'm signed in through Twitter, souldn't that give me posting privileges?